Fresh From the Oven: Danish Bar is Now in Manila!

Fresh From the Oven: Danish Bar is Now in Manila!

It seems like we’re never going to run out of new food to taste here on When in Manila. Just when you think that you’ve seen it all, a new store comes to town and takes us back.  Well, it looks like we’d have to make some space in our growing list of foods to try because Danish Bar is finally in Manila


Danish Bar offers a new and exciting kind of pastry that I’m sure a lot of Filipinos would love since we’re all fond of snacks and miriendas. It is known for its freshly- baked and conveniently- sized pastries known as Danish Bars and Danish Balls


The type of dough used for these pastries is like that of the well- loved and widely popular croissant so just from that fact I knew that these couldn’t possibly go wrong.  And you know what? I was right. 

Currently, Danish Bar offers Crunch Sugar, Matcha & Red Beans, Choco & Oreo, Ham & Cheese and Sausage in stick form and Sugar, Chocolate and Cinnamon Raisin in bite- sized pieces. What is really great about these delightful snacks is that they’re very easy to carry and take with you so they’re perfect for when you need food on the go.

danishbars00003The unique and flavorful mash up of green tea and red beans in a Danish Bar

One flavor that stood out from the rest was the Matcha Red Beans Bar which had the aromatic flavor of green tea and the captivating texture of red beans. The Crunch Sugar, on the other had, was like going home after a long day. It had this simple home-made feel to it, with bits of chunky sugar crystals sprinkled all over which added a welcomed texture to the pastry. The thin flaky layers were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, making you want to eat it layer by layer!

Danish Bar also has a savory line in the form of Sausage and Ham & Cheese. I liked the Sausage flavor so much that at one point as I was eating it I thought “I can definitely see myself buying a dozen of this and still want more!”


In the ball variety: Sugar and Chocolate Danish Balls. Now, these were straight up delicious and extremely fun to eat! Named after some of the sweetest things in the world, you’d expect cavity- inducing sweetness in the first bite but they are not overwhelmingly sugary at all. They have just the right amount of sugar, butter and crispy flaky goodness that will make you want more. 

Visit the Danish Bar‘s first ever branch in the Philippines located at Upper Ground Floor, SM North Edsa City Center (near National Bookstore).

Danish Bar Philippines


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