Free Wi-Fi in the Philippines in 2015?

Free Wi-Fi in the Philippines in 2015?


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Even if the Philippines has been branded as the social media capital of the world and the selfie capital of the world (Makati), it’s weird that there is no free wi-fi in public spaces. After all, the United Nations declared in 2011 that Internet access is a human right. So where are our rights?!

That may change in 2015 because the Senate has recommended an increase in the budget for the Department of Science and Technology to develop wi-fi spots in the country. And the best part is, the budget is to be increased ten times. For those curious where the money will come from, it will be from the Senate’s decision to push back by one year the budget for the lease-purchase of laptops for select government employees.


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Free wi-fi in the Philippines means you can surf the web any time, anywhere


According to Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto, the Senate finance committee recommended that they change the budget from P338 million to P3 billion. He also said that the development of free wi-fi spots in the country is to help link farmers and traders to markets, assist learning, and give people access to information (by information they probably meant your Facebook feed).

They have already identified 50,872 possible wi-fi hotspots, including schools, libraries, and public spaces in 1,490 towns, as well as hospitals, airports, seaports, and train stations (including LRT, MRT, and PNR).

The free wi-fi also coincides with the Department of Tourism‘s announcement that 2015 will be “Visit Philippines Year” and the arrival of VIP guests like Pope Francis and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

“If we’re expecting millions more travelers, then among the convenience we can offer them is free Wi-Fi,” Recto said. 


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Free Wi-Fi in the Philippines in 2015?

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