Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings: King of the Wings in Pasig City

Chicken Wings at Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings


“I want to eat more, but I can’t breathe.” 

You know you’re restaurant is dishing out good food when your customers may walk in as saints but walk out as gluttons, all because your food is THAT good. Ladies and gentlemen, When In Manila and craving for wings, look no further, I present to you Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings. I’ve dubbed said resto King of the Wings in Pasig because of it’s location and because, quite frankly, they deserve the title. In fact, theirs is a title that should go beyond the borders of Pasig City. I’ve eaten in most of the “go-to” chicken wing places around the Metro, but none of them have me coming back like Frankie’s does.

Chicken wings

Frankie’s is tucked away in City Golf Plaza along Julia Vargas in Pasig City and is THE go-to place when students, young pros and who have you want to relax and eat good food after a really long day. Though usually full during the lunch hour, it’s during dinner time when Frankie’s truly comes alive. The chatter, the music, the laughter, the clinks of beer bottles and the hustle and bustle of the waiters serving dishes are just some of the reasons why Frankie’s is one of my favorite hangouts. 

Chicken wings

I had a particularly energy-draining Monday, so I decided to rally the troops (aka my barkada) and head on over to Frankie’s. Once again, the place was pretty full with patrons eating indoors and outdoors on the patio, but we were lucky enough to snag a table. Now, one of the things that Frankie’s may have in common with other wing joints is the abundance of flavors to choose from. But the catch with them is that everything is priced the same. Yes, there’s no increase of cost when it comes to the flavor of wings. Price may vary, but that’s dependent on how many wings you get. For first timers, I suggest you help yourself to a half pound of wings, usually 6-8 pieces priced at P173. Trust me: it’s worth the price. We aren’t talking about puny little chicken wings here; we’re talking about bang for your buck! 


Some of the dishes you might want to try out: 

Garlic Parmesan Chicken Burger. Garlic Parmesan Chicken Fillet layered with egg, lettuce and bacon. Comes with a side of fries.

Nachos. Topped with cheese, sour cream, and ground beef. 


Spaghetti Hungarian Pesto. Why, hello there, al dente pesto pasta with slices of Hungarian sausages! You were quite the treat to eat.


Fish and Chips. Golden fried crispy fish fillets served with a side of fries. 


 Wings World.  One dozen wings, 3 flavors: Smokey Barbecue, Garlic Parmesan and Nagoya Tebasaki. My friends like ordering this because of the variety of flavors, so they order this and split the bill. 

Frankie’s Classic Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip and Hickory BBQ wings. 

Carribean Jerk. Hehe, I like saying the name. Crispy chicken wings slathered in a sweet and spicy sauce that’s sure to tickle your taste buds! Sorry, there are a couple of wings missing. My friends and I kinda dove right in as soon as the food arrived.



Cheesy Bacon Wings. It was like a party was going on in our mouths. My friends and I love anything with cheese, not to mention bacon. So, to put two of our favorites atop fried chicken goodness? …. PARTY!!! 

Like any good wing joint, Frankie’s has gloves that you can wear while eating wings. But if you’re not the type of person to get your hands dirty, then fret not because you can still enjoy your favorite chicken wing flavors without the hassle of “deboning” them. Say hello to the Boneless Chicken with Rice.


There are no words or pictures that can do justice to the food that Frankie’s serves as it is definitely one of them restaurants that you OUGHT to try for yourself. Do me a favor, when you do, give me a shout out! Let’s enjoy chicken wings over a bottle of beer or two When in Manila!



Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings




Twitter: @frankieswings

Instagram: @frankieswings

Phone: 6871250 for pick up / 87878 for delivery

Ground Floor, City Golf Plaza, Pasig City



Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings: King of the Chicken Wings in Pasig City