Foreign Tourists Who Buried Poop-Filled Diaper In Boracay Beach Still At Large

A portion of the famous White Beach in Boracay was temporarily closed after a video of foreign tourists burying a poop-filled diaper started going viral on social media last Tuesday, August 13. The video showed a woman seemingly washing a child in the sea while another person was shown burying the aforementioned diaper in the sand on the shore.

The 100-meter area where the incident occurred was cordoned off starting Wednesday morning. According to The Inquirer, local authorities needed to test the water quality in order to identify fecal coliform bacteria levels.

It was re-opened to the public Thursday afternoon, August 15, after the water quality was proven to be safe for swimming.

On the same day, ABS-CBN News reported that a diaper has been found in the cordoned area of Station 1. The authorities have yet to identify if this diaper is the one that foreign tourist buried. They are also still searching for the tourists who have violated multiple municipal ordinances which serve to protect the beach and the environment.

Authorities have been working with tour groups and tour agencies to find the tourists in the video.

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You can watch the video here:

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