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Whenever I travel around the country, or go on random roadtrips, I am nothing but amazed… in awe with its beauty. Apart from the scenic views and the rich culture I see with its people, my favorite part has got to be the food! Each spot I’ve been to has its own specialties: the mouthwatering, juicy lechon in Cebu, the hot, comforting bulalo dishes in Tagaytay, and the sweet pastillas in Bulacan that reminds me of home. Anywhere I go, I never forget to try each spot’s delicacies.
Indeed, the Philippines is a remarkable place, oozing with authenticity and artistry in all things food. It’d be hard to travel again just to get a taste of those sweets, dishes that I’ve tried given my tight schedule as a work-at-home mom. My life has shifted from travelling to envying my friends’ Instagram shots of the beautiful places and the scrumptious food they get access to. I wondered how I could get it back without necessarily leaving the comfort of my home (and needy seven-month-old son).
FoodSource WiM
I discovered a few months back, and they are the newest online food hub that delivers all-Filipino novelty products to your doorstep. Marlon Tong and Aaron Lim started it from a random idea of starting an online shop. At first, when asked, they didn’t know what to do. They wanted to provide an online hub for their main product, TheBasics Peanut Butter spread. However, while conceptualizing how to go about their strategy to insert TheBasics in the market, they told themselves that they should make an e-commerce site instead, showcasing Pinoy products, in general, since they love local, artisan food products.
Their e-shop’s range of products are amazing! They have TheBasics’ yummy original muscovado spread, Steep Espresso neat coffee grounds in teabags, Wit’s Granola yummy snacks, Deep Dip’s delectable selection of sauces, and Pik-A-Pikel’s burong mangga (pickled mangoes), amongst others. They have so many pinoy quality products to offer.
FoodSource WiM 2
What’s neat about their site is that they really make things easier for you! Transactions are very easy with their user-friendly website. Plus, they deliver to your doorstep, making sure that the quality of products will be not tampered with on the road. With just a click of the mouse, you can shop for your favorite artisanal Filipino munchies. They are your one-stop online hub for all things local, and all things food.
Buy Local, Be Local.