Foodever 21: Chocolate Burgers and Other Mouthwatering Dishes Served Along a Sidewalk

The humble side-street food HQ Foodever 21 is one place that will make you forget about all the other burger joints you have tried. With a very affordable price range, yet high quality in taste, I bet you will  be one of those patiently lining up on the sidewalk for a taste of heaven on earth.

Foodever 21 opened in March 2015 with the sole aim of satisfying every single customer. It may appear like a carinderia (eatery) from the outside, but the food is truly classy in its own right. This is probably the reason why customers endure the long queues and inclement weather for the sake of divine yet affordable dishes.


Since it is located along 21st Avenue in East Rembo, Makati City, the owners decided to create some wordplay. With a resemblance to a famous clothing line in its name, Foodever 21 surely creates a recall.


One may think that the food quality is compromised because of the price, but nope! Check out these delicious dishes:


Garden Salad (Php50)

This green salad will set the mood perfectly. Even non-vegetarian yuppies will enjoy the generous amount of lettuce, apples, tomatoes, and cucumbers along with the rich ranch dressing.


Heart Attack (Php100)

This hearty double patty burger is an absolute must-try. I was skeptic to try it at first, though, because I thought it was overpowering. Surprisingly, it’s not. This is probably because the patties were cooked in its natural oil, doing away with the unhealthy cooking oil most food establishments use. Plus, they totally nailed the home-made creamy cheese sauce and BBQ sauce! (I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge BBQ sauce fan.)


Selfish Sandwich (Php60)

 It is best to eat this while it’s hot. Unlike other fish fillet sandwiches which are overpowering in taste because of the toppings included, this one made use of green apple strips to even out the taste. The fish fillet itself is also a good combination of crisp and tender.

Just a little caution, though. This sandwich may make you forget about sharing.


Choco Loco (Php75)

Whoever thought chocolate could collaborate with burger? Owner Angelito Gutierrez and wife Lani take pride in this creation because this is a first in the world. Based on their research, no one has attempted to make a choco burger yet. And yes, brows may raise at this thought, but it’s actually surprisingly delicious. Imagine a sweet and saltish taste in your mouth – a perfect match!


Sizzling Fish Fillet (Php60)

I never liked fish on a sizzling plate, but this one is an exception. This dish is served with high-grade rice and a side dish to complement the fish fillet. With the right volume of crunch and delicacy to it, this sizzling plate may easily become your favorite.


French Fries (Php40)

If you want more, you can also try their french fries. The flavor is also their own – absolutely appetizing for anyone’s taste buds.


It’s Instagram-worthy too!

Thank you to the 20 years of restaurant experience of Mr. Gutierrez, we may now eat great food without being cash-stripped.

All meals presented are worth waiting for. And to give you a hint on how delightful the meals are, let me just say that the car wash and the vacant parking space beside the store are also occupied by the hungry (but mostly only wanting good food) clients. I suggest you visit early, though, because their supplies often get sold out. More often than not, walk-in customers already order for take-out in between meals and some even ask if they are already open for franchise!

Truth be told, it’s always best to delay judgement and to never judge a book by its cover. Since they aim for customer satisfaction and have successfully achieved it, it’s no wonder there are those hailing from far-by towns to pay a visit to Foodever 21. They have a lot of repeat customers, too. I’m counting myself in.


190-A, 21st Avenue, East Rembo, Makati City
0917.812.5012 / 0915.876.0092