The Food Project: La Union – Eat, Shop, and Get Pampered Before Heading Back to Manila

When you think of La Union, you probably immediately think of the golden sunset and the sight of people surfing wave after wave. That scene is popularly situated in the municipality of San Juan. Being only a few hours away from the Metro, it has become a famous travel destination for those seeking a quick retreat to the beach.

You may think your adventure will be all over after a weekend under the sun, but there’s one last stop you can pass by to cap off your La Union trip. In a town just before San Juan, San Fernando is home to a lifestyle complex that has practically everything you might want. Check out The Food Project: La Union.

There are several restaurants around San Fernando (like San Juan, sans the beach), but The Food Project: La Union stands out among its competitors because it houses cuisines of all types.

From Japanese to Filipino to American—you name it! It’s perfect for those who can’t decide what to eat.

We tried the bestsellers at the complex, and here’s a list of the food that we recommend for first-timers at the establishment:

Fat Belly Project

That Fat Belly Project specializes in meat. Whether you’re looking for beef, chicken, or seafood; they have a wide array of choices for you.

The Humongous Platter (P399) is a combination of steak and a baby back ribs good enough for two people.

If you prefer chicken, you can’t go wrong with their Unlimited Chicken (P198) promotion. Enjoy them with seven different dips: Garlic Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Honey Mustard, Sesame Sauce, Cheese Jalapeno, Buffalo Sauce, Sour Cream, and Curry Mayonnaise.

For seafood lovers, the Vitamin Sea (P499) contains all sorts of seafood in a rich, tomato sauce. This is good for four to five people.

Biryani Station

Moving on to Middle Eastern cuisine, spice up your meal with some Biryani (P75). This long-grain rice has special spices that make it what it is.

You can also go for a Chicken Shawarma Wrap (P85) for an alternative to rice.

Order the Fatirah (P70) for dessert, too. It’s similar to a Roti, but drizzled in sweet sauce and with cheese in the middle.

Thirst Beverage Co.

Famished? No problem! This stall has all kinds of drinks to satisfy your cravings. They have milk tea, fruit tea, coffee, juices, etc.

We tried the bestsellers: Fruit Tea Honeydew (P79), Milk Tea Brown Sugar, and Cucumber Lemon (P89). The size is worth the price.

More importantly, they can beat the heat of a hot, sunny day.

As mentioned, The Food Project: La Union is more than just a joint for snacks and refreshments. Don’t be deceived by its name because they have lifestyle merchants, too.

If you need to buy apparel, wanna get pampered, or need to buy souvenirs; they’ve got you covered in those aspects, as well.

You can even play in their recreational area. After a filling meal, you can beat the urge to sleep by playing some games with your friends and family. The Food Project: La Union provides table tennis and a lot of card games for those seeking entertainment. Awesome, right? So, after your next trip to La Union, you might want to stop over here before you hit the road again!

The Food Project: La Union

Brgy. Lingsat, Cor Martinez St, MacArthur Highway, La Union


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