Sofa, so good: This foldable sofa is a chair/recliner/bed-in-one

Shopping for a foldable sofa that is comfortable and doesn’t look like a worn-out hand-me-down can be difficult. Part of adulting is finding furniture that will make your space look good without compromising comfort. Moreover, you’d want one that is functional if not multipurpose. Therefore, finding one that you can convert from sofa to bed and vice-versa with minimal effort is a great find.

For this, check out the Flotti Vida Foldable Sofa from

This foldable sofa is a chair-sized sleeper. When upright, it looks cozy as an office chair, which is ideal if you have a home office. It can be unfurled a little and it works as a recliner, which is great for those long nights of binge-watching K-Dramas. Unfold it completely, and it appears like a single bed.

To check if it will fit your space, here are its dimensions.

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The Flotti Vida Foldable Sofa is available in red and light blue.

It comes with a 6-month warranty.

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The Flotti Vida Foldable Sofa has a retail price of PHP 19,999 but is now available at a discounted price of PHP 9,999.

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