Floyd Mayweather is coming to the Philippines!

“Philippines, I love you, I’m on my way.”

Retired American boxer Floyd Mayweather has revealed through an Instagram video that he will be visiting Manila. The video was uploaded by Wendell Cunanan.


He addressed that “these guys right here” have “put everything together for the Philippines”. Additionally, he also shares his love for the country.

“I’m going to the Philippines tomorrow,” Mayweather says. The video was uploaded 17 hours ago as of writing, so we could be expecting Mayweather to be here anytime soon!

Another video uploaded by the same user reveals that the 41-year-old “couldn’t wait to come to Manila”.


“I love the Philippines, I love all the fans, thanks for all the support (…)

Manila, get ready, I’m on my way.” he declared.

Floyd Mayweather is deemed to be the “richest athlete ever”, according to Philstar. He also boasts of a zero loss record in his entire athletic career, with a recent triumph over UFC athlete Conor McGregor last August 2017 that added his record of wins to 50.

The New York Times

Photo from The New York Times

Mayweather is also popular among many Filipino sports fans as being the opponent of our home-grown boxer Manny Pacquiao last May 2015 that marked the “Fight of the Century”. The former won through a 12-round unanimous decision.

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