Flossy Footwear: Combining Fashion with Comfort

Fashion no longer means sacrificing comfort – a style philosophy that is increasingly embraced by many. Established over 25 years ago in the Mediterranean, Spanish brand Flossy leads the pack with its range of simple yet stylish and oh-so comfortable plimsoll shoes. Through the years, it is no doubt that Flossy has come to embody the fun, carefree, and positive spirit that it has injected in each of its products.

To counteract the current on-and-off rainy season, Flossy introduces a fun and bold way to boost everyone’s spirit of adventure to a whole new level. Flossy wants you to #JustSayHola and urges you to be daring and more eager to try new things – just like their fashion-forward Flossy shoes. Literally meaning hello in Spanish, Hola inspires people to say hello to all that life has to offer!

Flossy wants you to #JustSayHola!

25 years ago, Flossy introduced the uber comfy plimsoll shoes and through the years, it has embodied the fun, carefree and positive spirit of its customers.

Flossy wants you to #JustSayHola!

#JustSayHola to the surprises that await you just like this cute pizza design that can spice up any outfit. If you like eating pizza, why don’t you wear them on your feet, too?

Other than this really cute pizza Flossy pair, there are many other designs to choose from, as well:

Flossy _ Denia Pink KIDS _ P1290

This floral number is to die for – perfect for girly girls and for cute made-for-dates dresses.

Flossy Nerja Tropical Blue - P2490

If floral prints aren’t for you, then this one might be perfect for you.

Paradise on your feet!

FLOSSY _ malaga watermelon black _ unisex _ P2490

This watermelon flossy is actually a crowd favorite – keeping it fresh!

So, what are you waiting for? Just Say Hola!


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