Flight Attendant Apologizes for Photo of Alden Richards Sleeping

An airline recently experienced the ire of ALDub fans when one of their flight attendants, Justin S., posted this particular photo of Alden Richards sleeping in the first row of one of their flights:

sleeping alden richards cebu pacific air

While he can no longer produce a copy of the original photo with the caption (Justin took it down a couple of days after posting it), he says it did not say anything negative about the superstar, but merely mentioned that he is still good-looking even while asleep.

After receiving a lot of negative comments all over the Internet about how the flight attendants breached Alden’s privacy, Justin has spoken to us about the incident, as well. Justin shares that they actually asked Alden’s talent manager (pictured next to him in the photo) for permission to post the picture, to which the talent manager allegedly said it’s okay, but to be careful on being bashed by Alden’s millions of fans. “It really wasn’t my intention to offend Alden whatsoever,” Justin explains. “I didn’t wait for him to wake up and ask for his consent because I knew he would immediately deplane to avoid getting mauled by his fans inside.”

Justin apologises deeply for the situation and shares that he has accepted a six-day suspension for his actions. He states that he knows his actions defied the norms of the company and has promised to avoid these kinds of situations if his suspension gets lifted. He adds, “I will also always keep in mind to think before I click.” That is definitely some sound advice that everyone on the Internet should follow.

What do you think of this situation?