Five Skin Care Tips to Survive Manila with GSkin Miracle

When in Manila, your skin is faced with humidity, pollution and day to day stress.  Before you even put on make-up, wouldn’t it be nice to have the basics down pat with what lies underneath – the skin. Afterall, having good skin sets the stage for good makeup or even a gorgeous no-makeup look.  Here are 5 simple tips to let your skin survive Manila :

  1. Cleanse

This can be with soap or any other form of cleanser to remove all the dirt, smog and makeup that built up during the day.

2.  Tone

Skin toners are meant to refresh, moisturize and shrink pores.  It also prepares your skin  for optimal reception of other products.

3.  Moisturize

Cleansing your face strips it off some natural oils, and moisturizers bring the suppleness back.

4.  Sunblock

Tropical country or not, sunblock is one of the most important skincare products to protect your skin…and I know this sounds too familiar…from the harmful rays of the run.

5.  Night Cream

These creams were meant for anti-aging or deep moisturizing.  Think firming, anti-wrinkle, lifting, ultra-hydrating, deep nourishing and restorative.  Some night creams have ingredients that increase skins sensitivity when exposed to UV rays, ergo worn at night.

Some of you may be blessed with great skin genes and may do away with some of these products.  A vast majority though would benefit by having these basics in your routine.  Some people though, like myself, still struggle with problem skin – dark spots, uneven skin tone, blemishes.

If you’re like me and want to cut through the thousands of skincare products out there and just narrow down to the ones that really work on a budget, you can try GSKin Mircale Products.


Offered by Georgina Sasha who is a great testimony of her own product.

Check out her before and after photo that has already inspired thousands of Filipinas out there to try out her skincare line.


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The GSkin Miracle Starter Set is best to use if you want to remove those blemishes/dark spots/not-so-deep-scars (even melasma), or to simply get that glowing skin that will tighten your pores and will make you bloom.

It contains the following :

  • The Kojic Acid Soap has a pure kojic acid ingredient, which is commonly used in cosmetics to lighten the skin and treat diseases like melasma. Kojic Acid also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • The Rejuvenating Toner restores baby-looking skin and develops your youthful features.
  • The Gel Sunblock is SPF30, which is especially formulated for sensitive skin has a lighter and thinner texture than sunscreen lotions and is ideal for hot & humid weather.
  • The Starter Night Cream is a bleaching cream 4-in-1 that is only applicable during the night. Has micro-peeling effect when combined with Starter Toner, giving you that radiant looking skin.

You can get the whole set for just P550.  Ive personally tried the product and it definitely is comparable to some systems offered by more expensive derm clinics.  Same outcome for less.

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Photo c/o

Check out Georgina Sasha’s website for more great products too like the Age Defying Serum  – it keeps you hydrated, lightens dark bags and gives with wrinkle-free eyes.  Perfect to use as make-up base too (texture same as Beauty Bar’s Time Balm face primer), can be used as your moisturizer during the day and night, can make your skin suppler, radiant looking, helps your skin become firm, improves on your wrinkles, and will definitely make your skin healthier. PhP 500.

GSKin Miracle products have been formulated in partnership with a dermatologist taught by Dr. Obagi.

When in Manila, let your skin survive the city by trying GSkin Miracle products and discover great affordable skincare.


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