Five Must-Have Shoes For The Modern Guy

Guys, we know a lot of you hate making a fuss about what you wear, but the thing is, no man’s look is ever on point if he’s wearing the wrong shoes. “They’re just shoes, no big deal”, you might say, but as they say — the devil is in the details. It’s probably the reason why your “Suit Up!” game plan a la Barney Stinson isn’t as sharp as, well, Barney Stinson’s.

Not to fear, as we’ve got you covered with the ultimate cheat sheet. Whether you’re hiking up a mountain, taking a walk down the weekend market, going on a dinner date down to acing that presentation in your office, these five types of shoes will definitely have you up and going matter what the ball game.

1. Classic white sneakers/ trainers

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If you’re thinking of buying a new pair of sneakers and you have no idea what color to get, you can never go wrong with white sneakers. Why mull over a dozen other colors to choose from if you haven’t copped one of these babies yet? White sneakers will never fade out of style because a) they’re white, and b) they can complement any of your looks. They’re basic, understated, functional and versatile. They can go with almost anything– from your office pants to your gym joggers, and T-shirts to suits. White sneakers may be tough to clean, but they definitely deserve space in your closet.


2. Boat shoes

Whether you’re out cruising the sea, or just on the streets expecting a drizzle, boat shoes go great with the tropical weather. A quick pairing would be with your khaki shorts for walking your dog in the park or a lazy Sunday afternoon stroll at the mall. For a casual yet slightly dressier look, pair them with your chinos and piquet shirt. How’s that for Sunday brunch?


3. Casual boots

Girls love the James Dean look, and with good reason — he personified the “rebel without a cause” look without verging on the trashy. Casual boots lend that rugged, I-could-care-less look. Think bikes, leather jackets, and rolled-up plain white tees. Pair these with your classic denim for that timeless edgy style. Planning to go outdoors? Consider this as man’s next best friend when conquering the woods, or even just exploring the concrete jungle.


4. Loafers

Like the panache of the oxfords without the lace-ups? Try the noncommittal loafers for a change. They’re almost like oxfords but less uptight — in fact, you can wear them with or without socks and they won’t give a hoot about it. Just slip them on or slip them off, they won’t be so dramatic. It’s like they want to be there but they want to look effortless — the shoe equivalent of a cool kid.


5. Oxfords

Gentlemen, listen up: these pair of shoes will be your bread and butter. Timeless and elegant, oxfords are stylish no matter what the era, and are suitable for your business casual or formal occasions. From the work place to your Friday dinner date, your oxfords will make a statement. Walking in these shoes means you’re ready to walk the talk (might come in handy when meeting the girl’s parents, eh?). Your grandfather approves.

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