Fitlegend: Second Skin for Your Active Lifestyle

I have tried most activewear brands and it has always been difficult to find items that offer the right support and fit for working out. I always thought activewear can be pretty expensive. I loved the quality of Lululemon, but it was too expensive for me. I wanted to find something that has the same quality but is more affordable.

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Aside from the beautiful pieces, Fitlegend also has the same quality of the mentioned brand without the high price tag. Each piece is designed to feel like second skin and can be used for different kinds of sports and or activities.

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The women’s line is designed to give the lift and the contour of the female form. It is designed to “flatter” rather than “flatten.” The cuts, colors, and patterns help to accentuate the curves of the body.

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Similarly, the men’s shirts are engineered to give the illusion of a tapered V-physique while keeping in mind the demands of high impact sport and comfort.

The brand has partnered with manufacturers that specialize in athletic gear to ensure that their apparel can withstand high impact activities while helping their customers sweat fashionably.

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The fabrics are sourced abroad and are moisture-wicking, buttery and stretchable. They perfectly fit any body shape to help you with that boost of confidence.

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Though Fitlegend is only available online (for now), it is already a popular name for high-end customers who love living an active lifestyle whether while spinning, rowing, or doing yoga.