Fit for Fashion Asia Reality TV Show Premieres on October 16 on StarWorld

Fit for Fashion Asia Reality TV Show Premieres on October 16 on StarWorld

Fit for Fashion Asia Reality TV Show Launch at the Pavilion Mall, Kuala Lumpur

When In Manila was given the privilege to witness the launch of the newest TV reality series, Fit For Fashion. Fit for Fashion is the first of its kind TV show wherein fitness is matched with fashion to an ultimate goal of becoming the best possible version of one’s self.¬†

The 12 contestants hailed all over Asia including  Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Hong Kong and the Philippines will be competing for the grand prize of USD 100,000 over a series of fitness and fashion challenges that will put them to the test. Fit for Fashion is produced by the Imagine Group and in partnership with Fitness First and it will premiere across Asia on StarWorld on October 16. 

Check out the photos from the launch below:


#ExerciseYourRight РFit for Fashion encourages betterment of oneself and building of  confidence and self-esteem


The ‚ÄėWall of Excuses‚Äô containing the most common reasons why people avoid exercise and getting fit


Madam Chong Yoke Har (Deputy Director at Tourism Malaysia), Simon Flint (CEO of Fitness First Asia), Riaz Mehta (President and Founder of Imagine Group) and Ray Kyles (UK’s Acting High Commissioner to Malaysia) ready to breakdown the wall of excuses and officially launch Fit for Fashion.


The show aims to inspire people to commit to a healthier lifestyle and be motivated to start working on improving their wellness.


After the breaking of the wall, eight ordinary Fitness First members flaunt their way to the catwalk while their inspirational fitness stories were unveiled. Their mini fashion show showcases fashion items of some of the leading British brands supporting Fit for Fashion.


The¬†show’s celebrity trainers are: Two time¬†ESPN Martial Combat MMA Champion¬†Mitch Chilson, and fitness and nutrition guru,¬†Christine Bullock. Also joining the show is the renowned fashion¬†photographer, Todd Anthony Tyler alongside celebrity host Louise Roe.¬†


The VIPs and cast of Fit for Fashion

The contestants of the show are Chelsey Hall, Vanessa Ammann, Fred¬†Burnard,¬†Citra Corrigan,¬†Jerald Foo,¬†Matthew Kosub,¬†Andrew McCarth,¬†Shiva Nithiabala,¬†Kristina Pakhomova,¬†Rusty Thompson,¬†Hema Lata Veerasamy, and Ming Wolf. You can find out more about their profiles by visiting Fit for Fashion’s website below or just wait for the first episode to air! ūüėČ

During the entirety of the show, the contestants will utilize Fitness First’s training principles and innovative new training programs under the guidance of Christine and Mitch to help them be fit and test their limits with the various challenges that they will be put through. Fit for Fashion’s intends to encourage the viewers to find their own motivation to get fit and live their life to the fullest.


With Fit for Fashion’s Vanessa Ammann and Chelsey Hall, both living in the Philippines¬†

We were given a preview of the first episode and I could say that I was impressed with the fresh take of this show to fitness and fashion and how they encorporated it into a reality TV show. You should watch out for the premier on October 16! 


Find out more about Fit for Fashion and its contestants here: or you can also check out their Facebook page at

 Fit for Fashion Asia Reality TV Show Premieres on October 16 on StarWorld


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