Fish and Co.’s Plates of the Caribbean

When in Manila and craving for a plate of good ‘ol fish and chips, most people instinctively make their way to Fish and Co. However, it is inevitable that customers want more than seafood and crave for meat. Taking this into consideration, Fish and Co. proudly presents, “Plates of the Caribbean!” 

Montserrat (Regular P550, Just for Me P 375). Stir- fried beef tenderloin with fresh vegetables, served with shrimp tornado and garlic fried rice. Choice of sweet chili or tartar sauce. 


Bahamas (Regular P450, Just for Me P325). Luau-style pork tenderloin with grilled pineapple, served with grilled squid salad and island fried rice. 


Dominica (Regular P675, Just for Me P495). Grilled chicken fillet wrapped in smoked bacon marinated in olive oil and fresh herbs. Served with shrimp pancake and seafood rice. 


Saint Lucia (Regular P495, Just for Me P350). Tender pork belly ribs served with crispy egg roll wrapped in screw pine leaf and garlic fried rice. 



So, when in Manila and craving for not just fish and chips, but plates full of delicious surf and turf, make your way to Fish and Co before November 30, 2011., and order one of the Plates of the Caribbeans! Argh matey, you’re sure to enjoy! (Okay, yeah, sorry, that was corny, haha!) 



Greenbelt 3

#301 3rd Level Greenbelt 3 Ayala Center

Makati City / 729 74 31/ 729 74 32


4012 M4 Level, Trinoma Mall, Quezon City

916 2028/ 916 0105

Mall of Asia

Space 113-115 G/F, Entertainment Mall, Mall of Asia

Pasay City/ 576 9170/ 556 0683

Fish and Co.’s Plates of the Caribbean


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