Finding Your Style at Style Hub: Clothing and Fashion

When in Manila and looking for a different fashion style to try without getting yourself tired, see Style Hub. It’s the brainchild of three young sisters who are into fashion retailing and who are hands-on when it comes to delivering their beautiful pieces to their customers.

Style Hub Sister Entrepreneurs Cita, Karen, and Justine

Originally named as Purpledazed, Style Hub started first quarter of this year with their T-shirt Project, a set of crop tops with prints. They chose to rename their shop Style Hub when they agreed on the image of their shop — a house of style. And a house of style, indeed! I can only look up to these three sisters who don’t fight with each other to the benefit of their business. If only I have a sister!

Cita, the eldest, believes that their shop has a lot of potential in the fashion retail industry and their long term goal is brand awareness. For now, while they’re still looking for a physical place to put up their shop, the trio are busy accepting orders, delivering the items themselves, or shipping their products nationwide.

Style Hub boasts of quality pieces at very affordable prices. They even have fashion figure Lissa Kahayon who’s very much into their products!

Try different styles when you’re in Manila to see what suits you best. Find your style at Style Hub!

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Finding Your Style at Style Hub

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