Find a #HotspotHottie, Get Connected.

Ladies are in for a treat. Huawei deployed their #HotspotHotties to your favorite malls to provide you exactly what you need…WiFi!

If you were walking around Mall of Asia’s Cyberzone last weekend, you may have spotted gorgeous men walking around with a WiFi device. This is perfect as there is continued growth and increase in the number of mobile devices being used to access the internet. Filipinos have developed this “always on” mentality. That need to always be connected whether for messaging, social media, finding the most amazing sales, or to book their rides to and from the mall.

Spot a #HotspotHottie and get connected

“The #HuaweiHotspotHotties characterize the sleek and elegant look of our new WiFi devices that are guaranteed to make heads turn for a second look,” says Charles Wu country manager of Huawei’s consumer business group. “But more than just its refined and stunning appearance, Huawei’s new connectivity devices also delivers fast uninterrupted 3G and LTE connectivity wherever you go.”


We must admit, we look for WiFi anywhere we go, constantly having to ask for the WiFi password. Huawei steps it up as you don’t just get internet connectivity, but you get to connect with (gorgeous) men who are more than happy go help you be connected on the go. A pocket WiFi is perfect for people who needs to be online all the time. Like, for us, as an example. It is imperative for us to stay connected with WheninManila.com’s readers.

Spot a #HotspotHottie and get connected

You can find the perfect Pocket WiFi for you with Huawei. They have the Flash (E5573), which has one touch play with LED indicators for battery and signal. It can provide connection of up to 10 devices and with download speeds of 150 Mbps and upload speed of 50 Mbps.

Another sleek and fashionable device is the Spark (E5330), which refines both style and size and is world’s most compact 21 Mbps 3G router. It can support up to 10 WiFi devices to access internet with download speeds of up to 21.6 Mbps and upload speed up to 5.76 Mbps.

If you need the fastest connectivity, though, then the Lightning B315 LTE CPE router is for you. True to its name, the Lightning supports fast LTE CAT4 connections of up to 150 Mbps. This WiFi router is best for businesses and jobs that needs fast connections. It offers wireless access for up to 32 devices and supports peak download speeds of up to 150 Mbps and upload speed to 50 Mbps.

Spot a #HotspotHottie and get connected

So, ladies, next time you’re out, don’t forget to spot a hottie and connect. 😉


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