LOOK: Filipino Whiz Kids Take Home 35 Awards From Math Competition in South Africa

A lot of us (including myself) aren’t that great at math but that doesn’t mean math wizards don’t exist! Filipino math whiz kids flexed their skills and bagged 31 awards at the 2019 South Africa International Mathematics Competition (SAIMC).

The Philippine team, composed of 26 members from elementary and high school, won one gold, five silver, and 15 bronze medals, as well as five merit awards at SAIMC, according to a statement from the Mathematics Trainers Guild-Philippines (MTG).

Photo from MTG Philippines

Meanwhile, in the team and group contests division, the team won two first-runners-up and seven second runners-up trophies. With their medals combined, the Philippine team came in at 9th place in the overall competition. The other teams in the Top 10 included China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Mexico, and Malaysia.

The contest was held from August 1 to 6 in Durban City, South Africa where the kids competed against 26 other countries.

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