Filipino Unity: Can Trend #Aldub but Why Can’t We Solve National Issues?

12038132_749741275155692_8479619588780099099_nFacebook page Juan Nationalist posted this debate-worthy question on their facebook page. It was only recently that the boom of TV’s hottest trending couple Aldub made twitter history: Before midnight Saturday during the “Kidnapping” Episode of Kalyeserye, a new record of 6.37 million tweets around the #AldubTheAbduction series, reported by Philippine Star (.com)

It was also reported by that “the “Aldub Nation” created more than 39 million tweets as of midnight with the hashtag #ALDubEBTamangPanahon, thrashing the 35.6 million register of 2014 Fifa World Cup semi-final match between Germany and Brazil.”

#Aldub has officially taken the Philippines by storm and united millions.

Thus the question of Juan Nationalist’s post: If Filipinos can unite to trend #aldub and impress the whole world, how come filipinos can’t unite to solve national issues and save their country from further embarassment?”

JN reiterated that they are not against the love team with a comment on their facebook post saying “I am no Aldub hater nor I would degrade them for their accomplishments(I personally wish them the best) but Im just stating what I’m seeing before my naked eyes…and it really pains my heart what our country has become.”

What do you think? What is your answer to their question?