Filipino Dance Crew Earns Asia’s Got Talent Grand Finals’ Golden Buzzer

Filipino dance crew Junior New System rocked the crowd at Asia’s Got Talent semifinals, which earned them a Golden Buzzer that sends them straight to the show’s Grand Finals.

The dance crew performed wearing high heels and sparkling shirts, showing off snappy dance moves to the judges and the crowd.

After securing a spot at the grand finals, one of the members said the performance was dedicated to the Philippines, “Para sa Pilipinas po ‘to talaga!”

Before they were picked, judge Van Ness Wu said that it was his favorite performance in that round saying, “”For me personally, you guys don’t need the shoes. You guys are amazing, as is. ‘Cause I don’t wanna wear heels one day because of you guys!”

A fellow Filipino, singer Gwyneth Dorado, has also secured a spot at the show’s grand finals by public vote.

During the preliminary round, Filipino singer Gerphil Flores received a golden buzzer that sent her to the semi-finals along with Filipino shadowplay dance group El Gamma Penumbra.

Watch Junior New System’s performance below.


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