LOOK: This Filipina Launched 5 New Businesses Amidst the Pandemic

Everyone had high hopes when 2020 began. A lot of us believed that this would be the year when things would change for the better; but lo and behold, the year is almost at an end and we are still at a global standstill. Everything has changed for everyone: our perspectives, our routines, our faith, and even our country’s economic landscape. How have you been dealing with the pandemic?

For Charisse Tinio, the woman behind Nice Print Photography, crying may have been an option, but she chose to remain hopeful. She saw the opportunity to fulfill her dreams and do things she couldn’t do before because of her hectic schedule. This pandemic allowed her to enjoy a much-needed pause and allowed her to take action to allow more blessings to come forth through the birth of 5 brand new businesses.

Mrs Herbs Ph (@mrsherbsph)


Charisse really likes to cook for her family. That passion and the necessity to create meals with fresh herbs from her backyard brought about this particular business idea. After posting her dishes and her use of fresh herbs on social media, some of Charisse’s friends began asking where they could buy them. From there, it became the real business that is now known as Mrs Herbs PH.

You can now have your own herb garden and enjoy the convenience of getting your herbs from your garden whenever you need it for cooking. This also helps Charisse’s suppliers, the farmers, to earn during the pandemic.

Cremosa PH (@cremosa.ph)


When Charisse is not present at events for Nice Print, you will most probably find her in her kitchen. Cooking aside, she also loves to bake. One of her creations became an instant favorite after her family and friends tasted it: her premium and original ensaymada.

For Cremosa PH, Charisse hired a baker whom she taught her secret and tasty recipe to. Cremosa PH’s creamy and yummy ensaymadas are freshly baked and available in original cheesy and yummy ube flavors. You can preorder them by boxes of six or by the dozen.

Speedster Solutions, Inc. (@speedsterph)


The pandemic has caused us to focus on our health more and follow prevention and precautionary measures to protect ourselves from the spread of the virus. Now more than ever, Charisse is super OC when it comes to her family’s cleanliness and safety. Like many of us, she always disinfects everything she touches, and sprays it with alcohol. Unfortunately, frequently spraying disinfectants into items can damage them or make them lose their quality. To combat this, Charisse came up with a way to disinfect your belongings while still caring for them: Speedster Solutions products.

You can now clean your stuff with this formulated disinfectant without damaging their surfaces. Give your belongings a good kind of shield by disinfecting them with 6 to 8 hours of protection that is 100% locally made.

They offer the following products: Speedster Car Care disinfectant (for car interiors), Spritz & Go Leather Care disinfectant (for all kinds of leather bags, shoes, wallets, and keychains), Shoo Away Sneaker disinfectant and deodorizer (specially formulated for sneakers), Cleantech Gadget cleaner and disinfectant and degreaser in one (safe for all electronic
gadgets and accessories), and Helmet disinfectant (for all types of helmets).

Prep’d (@prepd.ph)


Collaborating during quarantine is a great way to support one another. People have been finding creative and practical ways to continue their businesses, especially in the F&B industry. With partners from CCA, The Old Spaghetti House, and Melt Grilled Cheesery – Chef James Torres and Chessie Torres, Tami Guerrero, and Lizzie Guerrero – Charisse launched a unique idea through Prep’d: a cut between serving food trays, dining in a restaurant, and catering.

Prep’d’s goal is for you to get everything you might need to cook amazing dishes at home. Everything is prepared in the commissary to make your cooking worry-free. Prep’d will deliver a box of pre-cut and measured fresh ingredients to you along with instructions that you can follow with ease. It even comes with a QR code and a 30-second video, so you can enjoy restaurant-level food with your loved ones at home anytime.

The Wallery PH (@thewalleryph)


If you are the type of person who loves to decorate their walls with artwork, photos and anything memorable; check out Charisse’s new innovation under Nice Print Photography: a website called The Wallery. This wall gallery will give you the flexibility to access and process your photo and framing needs in just a few clicks.

Just go to the website, upload your photos, choose a frame, make enhancements, and it will be printed and framed for you, and shipped in 3-4 days. It is now easy to relive, preserve and display memories from your travels, celebrations, and special life moments!

Charisse learned significant lessons during the pandemic. She believes that opportunities are open to everyone, and that we shouldn’t remain inactive and stagnant. Although our lives may be set on pause, we have to keep on moving forward somehow. Charisse is one of the most clever women in the industry who considers practicality and knows what the market needs. Launching 5 ventures is so inspiring and serves as a reminder that anyone has the power to start something that sparks their love and passion, and turn it into an enterprise.

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