Filipina in Korea Shares Budget Tip: Visit Gapyeong and Nami Island from Seoul for 2,000 PHP

If you are traveling soon to Korea and want to know how to get around without breaking the bank, the best way is to learn from our kababayans living there. They know the best travel hacks!

Which is exactly the case with Karla Obispo, a Filipina teaching and living in Seoul. Karla loves to travel around whenever she has the time, and shares her travel tips for others to enjoy as well! Gapyeong and Nami Island are famous spots for being used as locations for countless Korean dramas, and now you can live your K-Drama dream there now as well.

Here is what Karla shared with us:

Gapyeong and Nami Island Korea Travel

I recently watched a short video about the 50,000 won challenge in Seoul. The girl was able to use her money to buy a couple of clothes and a pair of shoes. Since I value experience more than material things, I made a 50,000 DIY budget trip to Gapyeong City. 50,000 KRW is around 2,130 pesos.

Check out my detailed itinerary here:

Here’s the breakdown:
7,000 won (300 pesos) T Money
6,000 won (255 pesos) Gapyeong Tour Bus
8,000 won (340 pesos) Nami Island Ferry Boat
12,000 won (510 pesos) Delicious Lunch at Nami Island
8,000 won (340 pesos) Petite France Entrance Fee
9,000 won (385 pesos) Garden of the Morning Calm Fee

Total: 50,000 won (2,130 pesos)

See the rest of her photos here:

Karla Obispo is currently teaching and traveling in Korea. She’s a budget traveler who values experience rather than comfort. You can check out her adventures at and

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