LOOK: This Filipina Creates Customized Funko POPs That You Can Order

Funko POPs are cute. It’s impossible not to love them. Aside from the many Funko POP collectibles available in the market today, though, did you know that some people also customize them? That’s right! These talented artists can create Funko POPs that look like your favorite characters (should they not be available in the actual Funko POP line in the market) or even the people you love. Caitlin Jao is one of these talented people.

Caitlin may be a marketing technologist in a management consultancy and data analytics company; but outside of work, she spends her time making arts and crafts, or cooking. Caitlin shares that she loves arts and crafts, in general. In fact, whenever there’s a special occasion, she usually gives her boyfriend something that she made herself. In their seven years together, she has already given him countless DIY gifts, including digital portraits, shirts, and paper cutting art.

On Valentine’s Day last year, she decided to give him a custom Funko POP of himself. “At first, I was just planning to buy him a Funko character he likes,” she admits, “but I remembered a good friend of mine who also knew how to customize. I asked him about it and started getting the materials.” She also admits that it was daunting at first, but it turned out great in the end!”

Caitlin Jao Custom Funko POP Patrick Pecson

Photo from Caitlin Jao

“The process in itself was very rewarding because I enjoyed doing it,” she adds. Her boyfriend liked it so much, too, that it is still on display to this day.

One day, Caitlin decided to crowdsource for birthday gift ideas in a Facebook group and shared what she had already made in the past. Instead of getting ideas, she got a bunch of inquiries on her custom Funko POPs instead. From then on, she started taking orders.

Caitlin Jao Custom Funko POP Timothy Ting

Photo from Caitlin Jao

Although she still finds creating minuscule details like clothing patterns and shoes difficult, Caitlin doesn’t limit herself until she has seen the customer’s photos. She also keeps in touch with her customers during the crafting process to make sure that she gets every detail right – a sign of a serious artist! “I’m also honest with them when something can or cannot be done,” she says. “Communication is really key to ensuring the final outcome looks like the person.”

Caitlin Jao Custom Funko POP Bim Vitan

Photo from Caitlin Jao

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In case you’re interested in ordering your own custom Funko POPs from Caitlin, take note that her lead time is 3 to 4 weeks; so make sure you order soon, so she can book it into her schedule. 🙂

If you’re interested in ordering, click here.

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