#FIGHTCASI: An Inspiring Story of How a Stranger is Helping Fund a Cancer Patient’s Treatment

Kind words uplift the soul. They provide comfort to someone who’s suffering. But there are times when kind words are not enough.

For Reg Pantas, actions really speak louder than words. That is why she took it upon herself to help raise money for someone she doesn’t even know personally. Sometime in August this year, she saw a Facebook post of someone who went to the same school as her. It was an update on his health. Ramon Christopher Burgos (or Casi) was sick of cancer. He was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in February 2015 and has since been fighting for his life.

Reg felt moved by the post so she decided to shoot him a message and offered some words of encouragement. Little did she know that this random act would soon turn into something huge–noble, even. By sending comforting words to a total stranger, Reg would soon find herself doing something amazing. Casi’s sickness is expensive.

Each month, his family needs P140,000 for his chemotherapy and other medical treatments. The bone marrow transplant costs P2 million. So his mom decided to sell t-shirts. With the help of friends, his family started to sell shirts that bore inspiring messages on fighting cancer. It was a collaborative effort. Friends Lex, Vic, Arvie, Darren, and Julius were just few of Casi’s buddies who helped design, print and sell shirts. They sell via Facebook and this was where Reg saw one ad and decided to share the post herself.

Fight Casi

For some reason, she started selling to her friends and officemates. The shirts cost Php350 each and had really cool designs, as well as good material which is probably why they are easy to sell. Soon, her friends were also on a mission to sell the shirts: Pael, Dexter, Vince, Dianne, Limwell, and Glenn. For some, it may seem a little bit strange that someone would exert so much effort for a person they don’t personally know.

Reg was inspired by Casi’s friends. In addition, her friend Dianne said it best: we don’t get a lot of opportunities to do something great for others so why not start now? Reg regularly goes to Quezon (she is from Batangas) to pick up the shirts. Her friends go with her to help carry the goods. Then they personally deliver the shirts to the buyers. Most of the time, the delivery is in Manila. It is very challenging especially since she has to meet with different people from different places. And for someone who also needs to go to work (and school), this can pose some problems. She admits to being late for work occasionally or having had to push back deliveries because of work commitments.

Fortunately, she has a supportive group of friends. They don’t know Casi personally but he’s heard of their efforts and he’s very appreciative. Reg is in contact with Casi’s friends, Arvie most especially.

Fight-casi fundraising campaign

Just this September, doctors confirmed that Casi now has Stage 4 cancer and it has spread to different parts of his body: lungs, thyroid, pancreas, liver, chest and adrenal glands. He needs all the support he can get.

There’s a verse in the Bible that said we should all entertain strangers because by doing so, some have unwittingly entertained angels. In this case, Reg, the stranger, has become one of the angels in Casi’s life and it’s remarkable how someone is willing to go great lengths to make a difference in one’s life.

If you want to help, you can get in touch with the following people:

Lex Ramos Calanog: facebook.com/lex.calanog

Vic Alcantara: facebook.com/marvic0927

Arvie Zaragosa Marquez: facebook.com/arvie.zaragosa

Dianne Claire Flores: facebook.com/ms.dayanflores

Twitter: @pandayaaan

Regine Pantas:facebook.com/RegjWise

Twitter: @regjwise

You can also support their GoFundMe page: https://t.co/8j8ELZxL7V

Featured image courtesy of Pael Balbaboco