Figaro Coffee Company launches Spoon Meals!

When In Manila you should definitely try the latest creations from Figaro Coffee CompanySpoon Meals. I recently got invited to a food tasting at Figaro’s Shangri-La Mall branch as they launched Spoon Meals, two very delicious chicken ensembles: Chicken Thyme and Chicken a la King.


Chicken Thyme with creamy cheese sauce

Chicken Thyme is deep-fried coated chicken fillet topped with creamy cheese sauce while Chicken a la King is marinated chicken cooked in a special white sauce with vegetables. Both delectable meals are served with a side dish of corn and carrots, steamed rice and your choice of brewed or iced coffee, or iced tea. Similar to Figaro’s other offerings, Spoon Meals are available at any time of the day for a price of P215 each.

Chicken a la King



I got to taste the Chicken a la King; the chicken slices were tender and the creamy white sauce that it came in with was rich and flavorful. I savored every bite much like the people I watch on cooking shows do. Mmm.. this is really tasty. However, as I was emptying my plate, I kind of grew tired of the sauce’s taste. Nonetheless, the meal was fairly pleasing.

Old English Matrimonial Bar

After dinner, we were offered two desserts: Banana Hazelnut Turnover and Old English Matrimonial Bar. The Banana Hazelnut Turnover is a simple combination of banana and hazelnut spread wrapped in crispy puffy pastry, very common-tasting.  Meanwhile, the Old English Matrimonial Bar (upon hearing matrimonial, I thought weddings) is a delight made from dried coconut and butter with raspberry spread in the middle. Though I’m not really a fan of sweet pastries, I did enjoy much of the Banana Hazelnut Turnover.

Sidenote: Check out their new Figaro Notebook, available at any branch for P199.

Banana Hazelnut Turnover

Overall, the dining experience was satisfying. I made new friends, customer service was great and most importantly, my tummy was happy. So When In Manila and feel like trying something new, go to your nearest Figaro branch and try their amazing Spoon Meals.



Phone – 635-2132 or 637-5969

Email – info@­


Thank you to Figaro Coffee Company and Annesy del Mundo for the invite!

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