Felicia’s Pastry Cafe: Sink Your Teeth in Cakes, Sansrival, and More!

Felicia's Pastry CafeCafe Latte (P55)

Have some coffee if you’re having cakes, of course. Start with some caffeine and everything else will follow.

Felicia's Pastry CafeChicken Pesto Pasta (P195)

You can’t go wrong with everyone’s favorite: pesto. Generous in servings, not too oily and tastes just right. Love also the chicken portions!

Felicia's Pastry CafePuttanesca (P195)

Pasta-lovers will surely give a thumbs up to this pasta dish. It’s light in the mouth and tasty.

Felicia's Pastry CafeFried Spareribs with Sate Rice (P160)

To be honest though, this is my most favorite item in their menu. It’s big, it’s not oily (I can’t even believe it’s actually fried), packed with so much flavor, yest still tender. In short, it’s perfect. And I won’t recommend this to be shared because it’s so good you’ll want it all for yourself.

Felicia's Pastry CafeBeef Tenderloin Salpicao (P200)

What I liked most about this dish is the tender, juicy chunks of meat that melts in the mouth. Another thing is it’s garlicky, which adds the punch to it.

Felicia's Pastry CafeGarlic and Cheese Pizza (P180)

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a fan of garlic so I ordered this pizza. Add cheese (who doesn’t love cheese?) = winning combo.

And for the finale…Felicia’s delicious cakes! Wish we have these here in Manila!

Felicia's Pastry CafeUbe Ice Cream Cake

Ube lovers rejoice! The soft cake plus ice cream makes this an instant favorite. But make sure to eat it right away as it easily melts of course!

Felicia's Pastry CafeFelicia’s Chocolate Cake

Felicia’s is also known for their chocolate cake. The choco frosting perfectly complements the cake’s thickness. Completing its chocolatey-ness is choco shavings at the side. Most tourists bring this home for their family and friends too!

Felicia's Pastry CafeMacarons

Cakes aside, this is my favorite in the dessert menu. Its outside is crisp, but it’s chewy inside. Note: They have the best choco mint macaron. Two thumbs up!

Felicia's Pastry CafeSansrival

Not too buttery and not too sweet. It’s the balance of all the flavors that keep guests on ordering a slice.

Felicia's Pastry CafeEnsaymada. Perfect for pasalubong!

Felicia's Pastry CafeAlmodettes and Pili Crumble

Hands down to these treats. Bring this home and surprise the most precious people in your life with these heavenly goodies. The elegant packaging makes it perfect for gift-giving, too.

Put Felicia’s Pastry Cafe in your must-visit list when you make your trip to Bacolod City. Sink your teeth to good, sweet things.


Felicia’s Pastry Cafe

DOLL Building, 6th Lacson St, Bacolod City; Other branches in 15th St. and SM Bacolod
Tel: (0340) 433-6586
Facebook: Felicia‘s Pastry Cafe
Instagram: @feliciaspastryshop