Feast Without The Guilt This Holiday Season at Eastwood City

Worried about our figure this holiday? Don’t worry, hindi ka nag-iisa (don’t worry you’re not alone). Good news is, there are now a lot of restos offering guilt-free feasts, available not only during the holidays, but all year round.

In no particular order, here are 5 of our personal picks found on Eastwood City:

5. Book and Borders Cafe

Looking for a chill trendy place that serves light healthy meals? Check out the newly opened Book and Borders Cafe just beside the Medical City in Eastwood.


Gotta love their Ginger Raspberry beverage, classic Caesar Salad and Apple Tuna Sandwich that’s refreshing to the taste buds.

4. Annam Noodle Bar

Vietnamese food is known to be one of the healthiest in the world, so have the pleasure of eating to your heart’s content when you visit Annam. Enjoy their wide variety of Pho dishes and never miss perhaps one of the best Bahn Mi’s you can enjoy in this side of town.

Asian food Ramen Kuroda Sisig Kare Kare Soban Annam Noodle Bar Mae Ilagan (25 of 37)

Asian food Ramen Kuroda Sisig Kare Kare Soban Annam Noodle Bar Mae Ilagan (30 of 37)

3. Cyma Greek Taverma

For guilt-free pleasures, nothing beats good old Mediterranean food… and here in the metro, you will never go wrong with CYMA. MUST TRY their Hirini Brizola and Fattoush with Souvlaki (a generous serving of green tomatoes, cucumber, romaines, red onion, mint and toasted pita bread dressed in onion pomegranate vinaigrette. Served with your choice of either chicken or fish souvlaki).



Tender, bone-in 3/4” thick grilled pork chops served with your choice of side.


2. Green Pastures

Green Pastures has always been  my go to place whenever I crave for quality organic food. I’m a huge fan of their salads and love how they present their food with utmost charm. Recently, I discovered are even offering dishes with cauliflower rice  for Paleo / Caveman eaters like their Lechon Sisig Cauliflower Bowl.



For avocado and quinoa lovers, I also recommend their Mango Poke-Bowl with tuna poke, quinoa, mango, kale, edamame, nori, 5 min duck egg, sesame ginger lime dressing.

  1. Café Enye

I may not be a frequent guest, but I consider Cafe Enye as one of my favorites. Personally, I think this place is super underrated. Their food and drinks guarantees a bonanza for the belly. I sooo love their Churros with dark chocolate and Dulce de Leche. If you want something that’s less guilt, go for their Pinchitos Pescados – A medley of subtle flavors of caramelized onions, aioli, fish fillet and water spinach stacked on a squid ink baguette.


Pinchitos Pescados

You may also ought to try their Pollo Pockets with side salad or their Roasted Chicken with Root Veggies if you want something more filling.



Got any other restos that serve delicious yet guilt-free dishes? Feel free to comment below. =)

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