Here are Our Favorite Stories from ‘Jo Koy: In His Elements’

Many people know Jo Koy as the Filipino-American comedian who brought Vicks to superstardom. However, in the Netflix Special aptly titled ‘Jo Koy: In His Elements’, it’s not Vicks VapoRub that’s getting the spotlight for the whole world to see.

Here are my top 3 stories that Jo Koy shared in this special that are just too good to miss. (And this is on top of how Jo Koy got his name from his Auntie Evelyn.)

Here are Our Favorite Stories From ‘Jo Koy: In His Elements’

3. The story of why he wore the Filipino flag on his chest when he first guested on ‘The Tonight Show’

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I was surprised to learn how much he wanted to inspire and make another Filipino kid that wanted to be a comic go, “I can do that, too!!” Watching him say it literally gave me goosebumps, and the audience loved it!!!

2. How proud he was when the world first heard about Manny Pacquiao

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My Filipino accent is one big thing that I was super conscious of before, especially when speaking to clients from outside the Philippines. Had I seen this Netflix special before,  it wouldn’t have taken me so much time to be comfortable with it. Now, I carry my accent with pride.

1. How Michael Jackson had a huge impact on Jo Koy and his mom’s life when he was growing up in a way that’s totally Filipino

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The Michael Jackson bit was hilarious because it perfectly describes the moms from my generation back in the 80s! Remember when your parents had visitors and they’d ask you to showcase your talent whether it was your go-to multiplex winning piece or that drama bit where you had to be on all fours? Jo Koy nails it!

Plus he shares the spotlight in this special with other World Class Filipino Talent from the US and takes them to the motherland. Here’s a rundown of the people he brought over:

Bboy Ronnie (breakdancer) Red Bull BC One All Star

!llmind (Ramon Ibanga) (Grammy-award winning producer; worked with Beyonce and Jay-Z)

Andrew Lopez (stand-up comedian)

Joey Guila (stand-up comedian)

Andrew Arolfo (stand-up comedian)

And our very own local talents, including Iñigo Pascual! Make sure to watch this special now streaming on Netflix.

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