Father’s Love: Man in Edsa Makes a Living with no Arms


Photo of this man has been circulating on Facebook. Posted by admin of Billy Crawford fan made page with the caption “Traffic sa Edsa, I found out this Guy, eto ang mga taong dapat sinasaludo, ginagawa nya daw ito para pakainin ang kanyang pamilya, napakaresponsableng ama para sa akin, sana matulungan natin ang mga kagaya nila ,”

Rough translation:

“Traffic in Edsa, I found out this guy, these are the people we should be saluting to. He is doing this so that his family will have food to eat. He is a very responsible father if you ask my opinion. We hope we can help people who are like him. “

If you have any information regarding this man, please let us know so people who would like to help can help. Thank you!

What do you think of fathers like him?