Fat Smoke BBQ: Juicy Smoked Pork Belly Ribs That Fall off the Bone

In case you did not know this yet, Kansas City is famous for BBQ. Laurenz Liwanag, the chef and owner of Fat Smoke BBQ, went on a search for the best barbeque joint in the city 3 years ago. Upon having a taste of the Kansas-City-style BBQ, he vowed to bring the low and slow cooking style to his home country.

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With only Php 15K in his pocket, he left his job as a cook at one of the most luxurious hotels in the Philippines and started his own business. “After jumping from meat shops to groceries, to meat suppliers–[I] finally [decided that] pork belly ribs is my go-to.”

Liwanag incorporated the love of Filipinos for the liempo cut and then thought of including the rack of ribs at the bottom part of the meat. Now, it is Fat Smoke BBQ’s signature dish.

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Smoked BBQ is different from the traditional BBQ [that] we have here in the Philippines. For smoked BBQ, we use an offset smoker–an indirect heat cooking process while using wood as the source of heat and smoke,” Liwanag explained.

We do not boil our meats. It will make the meat dull and extract so much of its flavor like what the other big restaurant chains do. What we do here is let the meat cook on its own juices, and that would make the flavor purest.” He said that the combination of herbs and spices, as well as their exact measurement, is also essential to the process: no more and no less.

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Liwanag also shared that they make sure their meats have the right amount of fat to sustain the 8 to 10 Hours Cooking Process without drying them out. They use imported pork ribs that are not tough, dry, expensive, and can withstand the 8-hour process.

Pork Ribs:
Half Slab (600-750g) – Php 1,000
Full Slab (1.2-1.5kg ) –Php 1,900

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Fat Smoke BBQ also claims to be the first in the country to serve 10-hour smoked wagyu beef ribs. “We have a supplier that Breeds Japanese Wagyu and Australian Brahman here in the Philippines. They are locally raised but one of a kind! … This is what we use for our 10-Hour Smoked Wagyu Beef Ribs.”  Liwanag believes that this will revolutionize the quality of meat in the country.

Grade 4 Wagyu Beef Ribs
Half Slab (600-750g) – Php 1,700
Full Slab (1.3-1.5kg) – Php 3,100

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They also just launched a new item on their menu, the Wood-Fired Grilled Salmon. It comes with free Cucumber Aioli Cold Sauce.

Wood Fire Grilled Salmon
(450-600g) – Php 1,500

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Fat Smoke BBQ delivers all over Metro Manila, as well as to some parts of Laguna, Cavite, and Tagaytay, or as long as there is an available courier to the customer’s area. You may even have your ribs delivered either hot or frozen. The hot option comes in ready to eat while the frozen option is for customers who want to save it for later.

What are you waiting for? Try them now! You may order from their social media accounts: @fatsmokebbq on Facebook and Instagram.

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