Fashion Forward Nail Arts at Buffed & Polished Nail Lounge

When In Manila and you got that spur of the moment decision to have your nails prettified, Buffed & Polished will get you covered. If you wanted a stellar life span for your nail polish, I am a living testimonial that they can grant you that. I was really impressed because I honestly thought that they were sort of exaggerating but hey!!  I would go back absolutely without a thought. Even after a month, my nails still look like they did when I got them done so that’s all that matter to me. 🙂




Buffed & Polished laid its humble beginning as a nail lounge nestled just at the back of the Phil. Heart Center in Quezon City.  They are located in Eastside Condominium along Malakas Street. One look and you’d think that their services are way too expensive, come on- condos everywhere!? But they charge averagely and yet the services are commendable.




The elixir that makes Buffed & Polished special is their commitment to deliver great style and customer service. Add a dash of uniqueness, a batch of talented hands, appreciation for creativity and artistry, and wrap it all up in an environment that fosters creative thinking…that’s Buffed & Polished at your service.



As any artist would say, “You gotta have the right tool for the right job.” Aside from terrific results, they think it’s important to align themselves with fashion forward salons that are already hitting big in the market.




Got any designs in mind? Fret not; they have the kinks worked out. From subtle pedicures to flashy manicure colours to seasonal designs; it’s easy to secure the style you want at Buffed & Polished. While other salons tango with either the shade or colour of the month, their staffs are focused and are trained in creating looks ranging from the funky to the classics.




Buffed & Polished goal is to reinvent the nail experience. More than manicures and pedicures, they want you to experience a new concept that promotes health and personal pampering all while maintaining affordable pricing. If quality and variety are what you’re looking for, then this is the nail salon for you.



It’s a very nice place but this is not a salon wherein the decor sort of overwhelms you. The no-frills atmosphere is the first tip of that you’re going to get a good value and you’re not paying for a lot of exorbantly-priced fixtures.




To get the most bang for your buck, you are automatically given the Buffed & Polished card, and receive discounts or even free services and products on your future visits. You can also purchase Gift Certs in which you can hand over to your best friend and have that pampering session together!





Become a tidier, more polished version of yourself  When In Manila. You only need 15 minutes of scrubbing…and BAM! You have the most beautiful nail job ever..not to mention you’re still rocking it after 3-4 weeks!



Buffed & Polished

Unit 108 Eastside Condominium

121 Malakas Street

1100 Quezon City





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