Fandom Trinkets: Where Fandoms Can Be Fashionable

I’m a geek and if I had my way, I would wear my hair in Princess Leia buns with a Hogwarts cape on and a Thor hammer in my hand every single day. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t just draw unwanted attention, but I believe it would also embarrass my kid. That’s why I got so excited when Fandom Trinkets came into my life: because with their items, I was able to inject fandom goodness into my everyday wardrobe without being too over-the-top. Check out some of my fashionable finds at their super affordable store:

fandom trinkets fashion

This Game of Thrones Westeros map dress is so cute, people won’t even know you’re geeking out until they ask you about it.

fandom trinkets fashion loki necklace

This Loki necklace gives the perfect pop to any solid-colored outfit.

fandom trinkets fashion star wars republic necklace

The same goes for this Star Wars Republic necklace.

harry potter nook 10

Fandom Trinkets‘ items are actually so pretty, you can even use them as props for any fandom-inspired pictures and getaways.

In fact, I’ve used them for many a pretty Instagram post myself:

fashion fandom trinkets arwen lotr necklace

Lord of the Rings Arwen necklace is downright gorgeous and can easily dress up any outfit.

fashion fandom trinkets harry potter time turner necklace

This Harry Potter Time Turner necklace is an instant conversation starter.

In fact, I’ve also used them to very, very stealthily carry my favorite fandoms with me – even the bookish kind:

fashion the fault in our stars book fandom trinkets tfios earring

The Fault in Our Stars fans, anyone?

Think that’s awesome? I’m not done. The best part about Fandom Trinkets it that their items are super duper affordable. I actually go on a crazy binge-shopping spree whenever I see their website because everything is just so pretty, geeky and affordable. They always update their items, too, so it’s always a joy to check back on their items and see what’s new. In case they’re out of stock of something that you want (which they probably will be), they will usually restock, as well.

All of that aside, they also ship the items very quickly and  pack them so well, you can ensure that your items arrive safe and sound in no time at all. The only problem I’ve had is my heart beating so quickly out of excitement whenever I get my Fandom Trinkets packages. :p

Want to experience the awesomeness for free? Then you’re in luck because we’re giving away Php1,000 Fandom Trinkets GCs to one lucky winner and Php500 Fandom Trinkets GCs to two lucky winners! Say what? Joining is easy, too. Just fill up the Rafflecopter form below:

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Whether as a gift or for your own personal fandoms, Fandom Trinkets is the perfect shop to visit to fulfil all of your fashionable fandom needs. 😀 Check them out today!

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