Facial Care Centre Tomas Morato: Try Their Purifying Indulgence Facials!

When in Manila, treat yourself to some well-deserved pampering at the Facial Care Centre Tomas Morato!



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Facial Care Centre Tomas Morato


I confess to never having had a single facial in my entire life; I just didn’t feel the need for it! What with work and all the other things I keep myself preoccupied with, how can I possibly find the time? I’m sure most girls feel the same way; it’s so easy to get caught up in everything going on in our lives that we tend to neglect caring for our skin, or giving ourselves some well-deserved pampering. Well I’ve just recently learned how important it is to make time for these little indulgences, as the benefits go well beyond skin deep!



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We’ve been invited over at the Facial Care Centre Tomas Morato to try out their different facial treatments. I brought my mom with me without having the slightest clue about what to expect, being the facial newbie that I am. In hindsight, I’m actually very glad I’ve had my first facial treatment in the very capable hands of the Facial Care Centre therapists!

I’ve heard nasty rumors about facials being more of a painful beating than a soothing experience. As my dermatology consultant explained to me, this is caused by inadequate preparation of your face for the facial/extraction treatment. Fortunately, the Facial Care Centre has designed a set of procedures to make your facial a less painful and more comfortable experience, leaving you feeling perfectly pampered and refreshed! The Facial Care Centre also has a wide range of facial treatments to choose from; you can be sure that there’s a perfect treatment to suit your needs, whether it be a soothing, energizing, or purifying indulgence.

Facial Care Centre Purifying Indulgence

My mom and I tried out the Facial Care Centre Purifying Indulgence treatments. These procedures focus on cleansing and clarifying the skin, and restoring it to its best. For newbies like me (if there are any, haha!), let me talk you through the whole process.

It all starts with the Facial Care Centre therapist ridding your face of all impurities with a gentle cleanser. Next, all the dirt and grime is scrubbed off with a super delicious-smelling honey and almond facial scrub. The face and shoulders are then given an ultra-relaxing massage with a moisturizing mint and cucumber gel (my fave, this part was totally relaxing!) This is followed by the application of warm steam over the face, which helps open the pores and dislodge the trapped dirt in them, laying the groundwork for a less painful extraction process.



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After the facial, I also had a collagen mask treatment. This procedure re-hydrates the skin, making it smooth and supple.



As for the big question: exactly how painful was the extraction process? Personally, I consider it to be nothing anyone can’t handle. For the most part, I only felt firm pressure on parts of my face and nothing else. The Facial Care Centre makes sure that your face is thoroughly prepped prior to extraction, with the more complex facial routine I’ve mentioned earlier, this makes the extraction of blackheads and whiteheads easier and  less abrasive. The best part was that I felt absolutely no pain afterwards! No sore or bruised feeling whatsoever!


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My mom had the Facial Care Centre Advanced Lasertone treatment with her facial, 



I love how the Facial Care Centre ensures your facial treatment to be a very intimate and relaxing one. The soothing music sets the mood right away, leaving you with nothing else to do but unwind and enjoy your pampering! All your senses are called to relaxation, as the lights are dimmed and the room is filled with the clean and crisp scent of mint; it’s the perfect way to de-stress while giving your skin some much-needed TLC. I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards, I know this might sound strange but I also feel quite healthier!

So When in Manila, be sure to stop by the Facial Care Centre Tomas Morato and have a relaxing facial treatment! I promise you it’ll be well worth it!



Facial Care Centre Tomas Morato


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