Extrapolation and Marga Jayy Release First Collab Song ‘Patay-Sindi’

Jazz-soul ensemble Extrapolation and funk singer-songwriter Marga Jayy released their first official collaboration, ‘Patay-Sindi’!

‘Patay-Sindi’ is a dreamy Bossa Nova-inspired love song adorned with the trappings of modern RnB and Electronica. In addition to being Extrapolation’s first Tagalog song, the tune is also their first collaboration release.

Extrapolation and Marga Jayy

“The song started out as a kind of ersatz Bossa Nova. At the time I was getting into a lot of Jobim.” explains Enrique Santamaria, the band’s bassist and producer. “I made Marga listen to an early demo of the song, and she was inspired to write lyrics for it, which elevated it into a song.”

 ]]Extrapolation and Marga Jayy Patay Sindi

“When I heard the instrumental, I thought Tagalog would be the perfect fit for it because I’ve never heard a song like that before.” commented Marga Jayy, who wrote the lyrics for the song. “The demo sounded like a drum and bass track with a latin influence. It inspired me to write about the gamble you make when you fall in love, and how it keeps you up at night.”

They also elaborated their plans to promote the single. “We’re currently in the process of shooting a music video for Patay-Sindi.” revealed Enrique. “In addition to that, we’re also releasing a remix album, which will include a stripped-down version and other bonus tracks, some time in March.”