Everyone Except for One Man Continues to Walk Around and Ignore the National Anthem

Back when we were still in elementary/ high school, our teachers would always have us stand up or line up on Mondays as the whole school sang the national anthem. We were required to keep hush, stand straight and to put our right hand on our chest. Many of us probably did this just to follow rules and knew little about why we had to do it. However, after graduating, how often do you still sing/hear the national anthem? Or better yet, how often do you still stand straight with your hand on your chest when you hear it?

A few days ago, someone sent us a photo of a man who clearly respects where he came from.  She prefers to be kept anonymous but here’s what she said,

“Hi When In Manila i just wanna share this,my fellow negrosanon took a picture ng mamang naglagay talaga ng kamay nya sa dibdib habang nagpa-play yung pambansang awit natin sa isang mall sa bacolod. Mapapansin sa picture na ang iba patuloy lang na naglalakad at di napapansin ang pambansang awit natin.

Pero si tatay po di talaga nagdalawang isip na ipakita at gawin ang nakaugaliang nating pilipino. He deserve na mapansin po kasi sa panahon ngayon bihira na lang po tayo makakkita ng ganito. Kudos para kay tatay. Sana ma share nyo po. Credit sa owner ng pic po.

Patriotic man*Photo originally posted by Facebook user Un Nah Lou

Rough English Translation

“Hi When In Manila, I just want to share this. My fellow Negrosanan took a picture of a man who really placed his hand on his chest while our national anthem was played in a mall in Bacolod.  If you notice in the picture, the other people still continue to walk around and ignore our national anthem. This guy however didn’t even think twice to show and personally do what we were taught to do as Filipinos. He deserves to be noticed because it’s a rare sight to see in today’s world.

Kudos for tatay. Please share this. Credits to the owner of the photo.”

Wow, this definitely is a rare sight to see! Most people WOULD ignore the national anthem, and I am ashamed to say that though I would often stop as a sign of respect, I continuously fidget just waiting for the song to end. As seen in the photo above, this man just stood tall and proud as the song was played! Salute to you sir for being proud of your country! If we had more people like this guy, this country would be a LOT better.

What do you think of this story? What do YOU do when you hear the national anthem?