Eugene Lee Yang Leaves The Try Guys, The New Try Guys Introduced

Originally consisting of four members, The Try Guys are now down to two. This is following Eugene Lee Yang’s recent announcement on their social media platforms.

Eugene Lee Yang Leaves The Try Guys, The New Try Guys Introduced

Photo: Eugene Lee Yang With The Try Guys

“It’s my time,” Eugene Lee Yang said in a “personal message” to their fans on Thursday, May 23. He continued, “After 10 profoundly impactful years, my time here on YouTube has come to an end.”

“There’s no version of this announcement in which I can properly express how emotional this moment is for me, how hard it is to close such a meaningful chapter of my life, but in the spirit of so much of my digital work, I’m gonna give it one last try.”

Before explaining why Eugene Lee Yang left The Try Guys, he thanked his “bespectacled baby brothers” Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld. “I couldn’t have asked for better, smarter, weirder, funnier, and most of all, kinder individuals to have ridden alongside,” he prefaced. “Though our time in viral videos may be over, our friendship is forever.”


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“That being said, the three of us have always held a mutual, empathetic understanding about when the right time was for me to take a bow,” Eugene Lee Yang added.