Eslite: The Easiest Way To Take Glutathione Yet!

If you have tried glutathione before or want to try it, you know the only two options of taking it would be orally or using a glutathione IV therapy with Vitamin C. Most people would opt for glutathione IV therapy to see the results and effect of a certain glutathione brand as soon as possible. Aside from the sting you get from the butterfly needle, though, it would cost you money to have a professional inject it for you. The pills, on the other hand, have a maintenance factor to it since you have to drink it thrice a day with a Vitamin C supplement.

So what makes Éslite a game changer? It’s made for maximum exposure.

Eslite is made with two ingredients. The first is S-Acetyl Glutathione, which acts as a protective layer once it gets into your digestive system. It only releases the glutathione once it’s in the body’s cells.

The second ingredient is superoxide dismutase or SOD is a top primary antioxidant that comes from a special breed of cantaloupe melons that only grow in the South of France.

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It’s so easy to maintain, as well. You only have to take it once a day as is, and you won’t need to take any vitamins with it since it fully absorbs in itself. You get 250mg of product from each pill, the right amount your body needs to digest for it to be effective. It’s affordable, too! One bottle with 30 capsules retails for Php1,950.

Here’s how you can finally achieve fair and even skin (without spending too much).

Ready to try a new form of glutathione? Visit their Facebook page to order. Éslite glutathione will be available in Mercury Drug Store and Watsons by September 2018.



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