Equinox Winter X Summer Collection 2016/17 Designers Week

Equinox Poster WIM

The word is derived from Latin: ‘equi,’ which comes from aequus, meaning equal, and nox-‘, meaning night. Equinoxes occur twice a year, usually on March and September. With Equinox Winter X Summer collection 2016/17, we will turn the longest night this March 22nd in a more positive and in a very sophisticated way by having a designer’s week. A weeklong festival of fashion and elegance.

Belle Beau Talent agency and our official partners: Experience Travel Ph., Golden Phoenix Hotel, Channel Hue, ETC channel, Doggficher Concepts, with the help of Make-Up Madness as our official glam squad and Uber Philippines as our official Ride sharing partner has announced the Launch of “Equinox” Winter X Summer collection 2016/17, a high end fashion event for an exclusive audience. The event will take place March 22, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Golden Phoenix Hotel and will feature the latest of couture designers. With the advocacy called #LoveLocalTalents. The said campaign’s objective is to spread awareness in promoting Filipino talents in the fashion industry. Supporting and giving priority to locally trained Filipinos, this movement gives opportunity to local talents by showcasing our own beauty, bringing out such multitudinous talents that Filipinos possess, proving that we deserve a spot in the industry and can be recognized globally.

20 designers will be creating pieces associating with the show’s 5 sky related phases: noon, sunset, midnight, dusk, and dawn with a theme of Winter / Summer season collection. With a colour palette of Gold and White as a guide: White as a winter snow and golden as a summer sun.

Alvin Nogot

Angelo Dominic

Cliff D Torres

Edel Santiago

Frederick Berches

Gil Granado

Israel Palma

James Paul

Mae Claire Esparraguerra Dogillo

Marc Co

Miel Velayne

Niño Ramirez

Paulo Blanco

Ranel Espaldon

Relj Lee Leal

Roberth Gallardo III

Russ Cuevas

Vince Sityar

Yna Mendez

The concept of this exciting event is to create posh environment to enjoy a top-of-the-line runway show and have the opportunity to place orders and interact with the designers.After the grand event, designs will be exhibited at the Golden Phoenix lobby from March 23rd till the 27th.

Boutiques, specialty fashion buyers for designer to high-end fashion, fashion representatives, selected VIP’s, socialites and corporate sponsors will definitely enjoy this event.

With the help of our sponsors Vine Aesthetics, Coco Line Naturals, NCCA, Rockman Studio. C-Lium Fibers, Poten-Cee Ascorbic Acid and Strip It Sugaring and our PR partners WhenInManila.com, Only MNL online magazine, MegaStyle.ph, Spotted.ph, Scene Zone, Bloggers United and Litratista.ph.