EPIC Boracay Dining & Nightlife: Ultimate Boracay Party and Food Destination



When In Manila, if you are planning to spend your summer in the lovely Boracay, never ever miss a chance to check out EPIC Boracay . A couple of days ago me and my friends had our first vacation for this year, and yes, we chose the top summer destination in the Philippines, Boracay. Our only goal was to enjoy the beach, bask under the sun, and listen to our favourite summer playlist, just pure relaxation away from the hustles and bustles of Manila. We never thought it would get any better than this until our friends from EPIC Boracay invited us to experience their version of Boracay dining and nightlife.





I’ve visited the area a number of times already and I’ve experienced what it is like to dine in various restaurants in Boracay. Not only that, I was also able to experience the kind of nightlife the island has to offer and as far as my experience is concerned, the dining and nightlife experience I had with EPIC Boracay  was incomparable. Brought by the same people who gave us Republiq, The Distillery, The Tides Hotel, and Manor, you know that EPIC Boracay can be synonymous with world class partying and dining experience.





The powerful mix of breathtaking and neatly done interiors, world class quality food, and up to date party music, is unparalleled. My initial comment on our experience was that it was “beyond words”. Let me share the feel of the unforgettable experience we had.






We started our evening at EPIC Boracay with dinner courtesy of Chef Anj Valencerina. We had Buffalo Wings, Sesame Crusted Tuna Salad, and one of their bestsellers, Braised Lamb Shank. You can actually see the excited look on my face as I prepare to get a taste of the dining experience EPIC has to offer.








The wings were sweet and tangy at the same time. The spiciness bursts upon the first bite coupled with the juiciness of the chicken. My friends took dibs on the dips the moment they tried it.



I am not that fond of eating vegetables. Upon seeing the Sesame Crusted Tuna Salad I took the challenged and finished with flying colors. The tuna complimented the crunchiness of the salad greens. It took us a couple of minutes to gobble everything up.






Finally, the star of our meal arrived. I had apprehensions when we were told that we’ll be having Braised Lamb Shank for our main course. I am not a fan of lamb, I find it to be an acquired taste. Being fond of Filipino and Oriental cuisine, lamb is something that my palette is not familiar with. However, the first bite of the mashed potatoes which accompanied the lamb gave me a different point of view and the rest is history. The moment we sink our teeth on the juicy lamb shank, I immediately had a reason why I would go back to EPIC Boracay . Truly a must try. I now understand why it’s their bestseller.





For their diverse clients, EPIC Boracay also offers a variety of food choices from the classic fish and chips, the Pinoy inspired chicken inasal, bacon wrapped tiger prawns, their very own Epic nachos, and the meat overloaded Epic cheeseburger.





As if it could not get any better, after our hearty meal, we were led to experience Boracay nightlife with some Mojito’s on the side and interesting conversations with EPIC’s Shamira and Chef Anj. It was like having conversations with people you’ve known for years already. Up-to-date party music + endless laugthers and conversations + the best cocktails = EPIC’s version of Boracay nightlife. With EPIC Boracay, we were able to experience excellent customer service as well and I think this is one think they can be truly proud of compared to most establishments in the island. One of their waiters even checked on us from time to time to inform us if our meal is being prepared and to ask if we were having a good time. This is something most of the restaurants in Boracay do not offer. Truly unparalleled.






When In Boracay, check out EPIC Boracay’s Summer Kick Off this Month of March for the unforgettable Boracay experience only they can offer!


Special thanks fo EPIC Boracay’s Michi Mendoza for some of the photos.


EPIC Boracay


D’Mall Beachfront, Station 2, Boracay Island, Philippines


Twitter: http://twitter.com/epicboracay


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/epic.boracay


Website: http://www.epicboracay.com/



EPIC Boracay Dining & Nightlife: Ultimate Boracay Party and Food Destination


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