ENTERTAINMENT: Promotional video of Mike de Leon’s restored “Batch ’81” is now here!

Yes, master. It’s out!

One of the renowned films of Filipino director Mike de Leon entitled Batch 81 is undergoing restoration. But recently, a promotional video has been released of a brighter and more saturated version of the 1982 film, as uploaded by the Facebook page of another de Leon film, ‘Citizen Jake‘.

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Batch 81 plots on the harsh initiation and procedures of joining a fraternity as seen in the eyes of a neophyte that is Sid Lucero played by Mark Gil (Gil’s son, Tim Eigenmann, would later carry ‘Sid Lucero’ as his stage name when he entered show business).

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The film was produced by MVP, LVN and Sampaguita Pictures where it served as the latter’s last production before it closed down. Director De Leon wrote the screenplay himself. Clodualdo del Mundo and Racquel Villavicencio also made contributions to the film’s script.

Batch 81 garnered seven nominations at the 1983 Film Association of the Philippines Awards. It was also screen at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival’s Directors Fortnight. It also had

Watch the video below!

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