ENTERTAINMENT: Looks Like Filipino TV Series Are Popular in Samoa

A reddit post from u/twitty5263 led us to the Facebook page of TV1 Samoa, a private-owned that used to be state-owned television network in Samoa.

Apparently, Filipino TV series are gaining popularity in Samoa according to TV1 Samoa’s Facebook post last May 25.

On their post, they said, “Due to the high demand from our viewers for Filipino series, we went from broadcasting them once a week to twice a week.

The Filipino TV series they are talking about on this post is “Tayong Dalawa” (“Two of Us”). The now-defunct drama series starred Gerald Anderson, Jake Cuenca, and Kim Chiu.

The TV series aired from January to September 2009.

Tayong Dalawa Samoa

(Photo from: ABS-CBN)

Samoa is located south of the equator, about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand.

Apparently, Samoa is a highly traditional Christian nation. On reddit comment, u/twitty5263 added, “Apparently, Filipino dramas teach values and morals that they (Samoans) agree with.”

What do you think are the reasons for Filipino TV series becoming popular in Samoa?