ENTERTAINMENT: Kamikazee is making new music!

A few weeks ago, Kamikazee posted a cryptic message on their Instagram account.

The message said something about Tagpuan.

#kmkz #kmkztagpuan

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Apparently, the band is making music, which they confirmed in another post.

#kmkztagpuan #kmkz #bagongkanta #december9

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It appears that the band is releasing new music on December 9.

The post that confirmed this included hashtags #kmkztagpuan #kmkz #bagongkanta and #december9.

Recently, Kamikazee also posted a photo of the band in celebration of their 17th year in the industry.

Happy 17th birthday kids!!!! ????

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Kamikazee is known for the hit song Narda. With this development, looks like the band will also have a reunion.

Are you excited for this?