ENTERTAINMENT: Jaclyn Jose Wins Best Actress at Cannes 2016

Jaclyn Jose Cannes

Photo credit: AFP Photo/Valery Hache

On Sunday, Jaclyn Jose has won big at Cannes Film Festival 2016 after getting awarded best actress for her spectacular role in Brillante Mendoza’s film “Ma’ Rosa”.

Jose played the role of a mother who had no other options but to sell drugs until she falls prey to the corrupt police.

From a quick interview aired on TV Festival de Cannes, Jose said:

“I was just sitting there watching the stage how nice it… is and how come in the Philippines we can’t make this, just these simple things and then they call my name. So I got surprised. I’m so happy really, really,” Jaclyn added. “ But of course I’m proud so proud of our film.

We just don’t know how the people would react or will like our film but us, we know that we did our best and we know that we have a good film.“

Jose has already won numerous acting awards in the Philippines. She also has acted for some distinguished filmmakers in the country.

Over a decade ago, she appeared in Mendoza’s first movie “The Masseur”.

Then, in 2008, she also appeared in Mendoza’s film “Serbis”, which also competed in Cannes that year.

Congratulations Jaclyn!

Have you seen the film Ma’ Rosa? How was it?