ENTERTAINMENT: Is Taylor Swift Dating Tom Hiddleston?

It looks like Taylor Swift has already moved on from Calvin Harris.

Photos of the 26-year old singer are going viral where in one photo, Swift can be seen kissing Tom Hiddleston.

The photos were taken from the rocky beach of Misquamicut near Swift’s mansion in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

The photos were posted on Twitter by Huffington Post social media editor Melissa Radzimski.

congrats on tom hiddleston and taylor swift for meticulously making their very own nicholas sparks movie! pic.twitter.com/D3z8j4Duvg

— Melissa Radzimski (@melissaradz) June 15, 2016

Earlier this month, Swift and Harris confirmed their break-up after 15 months of dating.

It was through a tweet posted by Harris, which showed that the two exes had a friendly break up with no drama and that things just don’t work out sometimes. Swift retweeted that. However, the said tweet has been deleted since.

Earlier in May, Swift and Hiddleston had an epic dance battle at the Met Gala, which also went viral. The two met at the gala after sitting on the same table.

Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston

What do you think? Is Taylor Swift dating Tom Hiddleston?