ENTERTAINMENT: Arnel Pineda Met Journey’s Former Lead Singer Steve Perry And It Was Legendary

Arnel Pineda is one of those international celebrities that had become a source of Pinoy pride for everyone.

Being the current vocalist of the American rock band, Arnel Pineda has shown the world about real Pinoy musical talent. In spite of his international success, he still proves to be just like us when he gushed about his starstruck moment with Journey’s former lead singer, Steve Perry.

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On April 7, the band appeared at Cleveland where they were inducted into the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’.

Arnel Pineda was there to perform with Journey, and Steve Perry reunited with the band for the induction.

The Filipino lead singer shared about his meeting with Steve Perry on Instagram:

Arnel Pineda shared that he waited 38 years for this moment, and praised Steve Perry for being one of his heroes and silent mentors.

Steve Perry was the lead singer of Journey in 1977 when the band first rose to stardom. The hitmakers known for ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ (among others) changed lead singers numerous times until Arnel Pineda was discovered through YouTube.

This was truly one legendary meeting! Good for you, Arnel!

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