Enjoy a Cool Summer with these Fruitas Super Summer Shakes!

It’s officially summer and as much as we wanted to have fun under the sun, we have to keep it cool! What better way to chill out than with delicious fruit shakes?


In case you missed it, Fruitas just launched their Super Summer shakes and it is loaded with toppings to keep you cool!



Known for its fresh fruit shakes, Fruitas is taking it a notch higher with two new flavors- Super Summer Mango Shake and Super Summer Avocado Shake. These two tropical flavors will surely make your summer much more interesting.


The Super Summer Mango Shake is made with fresh mango shake and crushed graham covered with salty-cream milk foam, real mango chunks, and popping boba. If that’s not enough it’s also drizzled with caramel and chocolate syrup!


The Super Summer Avocado Shake is made of fresh avocado shake covered with salty-cream milk foam topped with real avocado chunks, cheese, and leche flan!

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This new offering is available in Fruitas branches nationwide starting March 6 for only Php129!