These Authentic Ilocos Empanadas Are Available in Party Packs and Frozen Packs

Are you a fan of Ilocos empanada? I don’t know about you, but I crave it from time to time. Unfortunately, I have only been aware of one place that sells delicious Ilocos empanada and they closed down during the early days of the pandemic. So when I learned about Empanada Nation, my heart jumped for joy. Not only do they offer delicious Ilocos empanada, but you can also order them in frozen packs so you can eat them when cravings strike. Plus, they have a lot of other delicious Ilocos fares for you to indulge in.

Empanada Nation Party Bundle A

Photo from Empanada Nation

Empanada Nation was established by Ellice Ong-Chew in 2010 as a quick-service restaurant that serves authentic Ilocano meals. Ellice had first started the business when she was on a break after a five-year stint in the hospitality industry. Having always been interested in restaurant management, she came across the chance to get involved with Empanada Nation, which was under different management at the time while she was working in her uncle’s rice business. Ellice then seized the opportunity and eventually opened a simple take-out counter before expanding to running eight branches, as well as managing their kiosks and commissaries.

“Aside from the fact that it’s my dream to have my own restaurant, Ilocano food has always been part of our childhood,” she shares. “Every time we were in Vigan, we would eat freshly cooked empanadas and even have bagnet for breakfast. Ilocano food is something we grew up with and is part of our lives.”

Empanada Nation Party Bundle

Photo from Empanada Nation

When the pandemic started, things changed for Empanada Nation since their customers were mainly office workers before. This time, they had to venture into digital marketing and tap influencers. They also had to get creative, and that’s where their frozen products and party packs come in – the highlights of their business, in my opinion. With God’s grace, none of their branches have closed down. In fact, they were even able to open a franchise in McKinley Hill last November.

Empanada Nation Party Bundle 2

Photo from Empanada Nation

Empanada Nation delivers all around the Metro. To ensure the best quality of their Ilocos empanadas, they will always choose the establishment nearest you. And, as mentioned earlier, they also have frozen packs available for their empanadas, bagnet, longganisa, and tapa so you can store them in the freezer, and fry and eat them whenever the cravings strike!

Frozen Empanada Nation

Photo from Empanada Nation

Whether you are in the North or the South of the Metro, you can now get delicious Ilocos food delivered to your doorstep anytime, thanks to Empanada Nation.

Empanada Nation

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Empanada.Nation

Instagram: @empanadanation

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