Emergency Delivery: Dermatologist Delivers Baby in Ortigas Condo Hallway

When you’re expecting, the last few weeks of your pregnancy can be just as intense as your first trimester. While you’re past the “delicate” stages of your pregnancy, you have to be aware of the changes in your body as your baby can come out anytime. Given this, it’s not uncommon for moms to suddenly be in labor when they least expect it.

That being said, an expectant mom in Ortigas who found herself in labor while still in the condo was given an emergency delivery by a dermatologist whose clinic was in the building. Melissa Kay shares her sister’s heroic act in her Instagram page.

Dermatologist Delivers Baby

Wow! This mom was lucky that there was a doctor knowledgeable in delivering babies who was in the area. To the dermatologist, a big shout out to you for quickly coming to her aid and helping out someone in need. You could have just as easily ignored her, but you chose to do the right thing. For that, we salute you! We definitely need more people like you who will go above their line of duty to help others.

What do you think of this doctors kindness and readiness for the situation?


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