Ely Buendia Sings for PETA

When in Manila, we take pride in our culture and the arts. We have countless names in the list of world renowned artists. However, we also know that our artists are in need of wider reach and more support for our arts to thrive. It is touching therefore that artists from different fields find ways to help each other. A commendable act for one is that of an OPM icon singing for the benefit of theater — Ely Buendia singing for the Philippine Educational Theater Association.



Last week, PETA’s intimate 400-seater black box theater was filled with 90s classic hits from the Eraserheads. Ely Buendia, the band’s frontman then, sang hit after hit: With A Smile, Alapaap, Pare Ko, Ligaya, Spoliarium, among others.




Ely currently sings for the band Oktaves and has long been an advocate of different causes. Last year, he guested in a fundraising concert for the PETA Endowment Fund. It is no surprise then that he didn’t think twice when asked to headline this year’s fundraising event. The PETA Endowment Fund is a huge help in sustaining the cultural work of the organization.  


PETA deserves support not only from THE Ely Buenida but also from us Filipinos. Amid struggles within the local theater industry, it has managed to produce stage-worthy performances. Imagine 300 original Filipino plays of artistic excellence!




Hilera’s Chris Padilla joins Ely






If we want to see more original scores and stage plays, then we have to act as well. If we take pride in our artists and our excellence in the arts, then we should show our support by watching our very own theater plays. Ely Buendia did his part; do you do yours, When in Manila?




Ely Buendia Sings for PETA

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